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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Nokia N950 images emerge, give us a peek at the QWERTY

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When Nokia announced the N950 MeeGo dev kit, they did it without any fanfare - without photos even. Now that injustice has been fixed and the aluminum-clad device is available to gawk at in a gallery of leaked official images.
The Nokia N9, the consumer-oriented MeeGo phone, got plenty of attention but all the N950 got was a text file detailing the differences between it and the N9. Sill, we know many MeeGo enthusiasts will prefer to get their hands on the developer-exclusive N950 than the touchscreen-only N9.

The images don't seem to be finalized (one of them actually has a label saying "This will be replaced with flash thingy") and we only get a glimpse of the QWERTY keyboard.
Also there are no photos of the back of the Nokia N950. We were hearing some rumors that the N950 actually packs a 12MP camera (plus there's this image from the leaked promo video from a while back) but we didn’t get anything solid to confirm this - so we were hoping a view of the back will finally settle this dispute.
Well, here are the rest of the Nokia N950 images for you to gorge your eyes on.

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